About PMDA

    The Panchkula City has experienced rapid growth in its population in the recent years. Initially developed as a satellite city to Chandhigarh, the city is now experiencing urban sprawl in its Northern and Eastern regions. Employment opportunities due to rapid growth in infrastructural and industrial development in the city, has attracted a large number of migrants from the neighboring rural area of the Panchkula & others districts of Haryana and even from the states of UP, Bihar and Himachal Pardesh

    Consequently, the growth of the Panchkula City beyond its municipal limits has led to numerous infrastructural, socioeconomic, environmental, and governance challenges for city administration. It has necessitated the creation of a separate Authority that would work towards regulated, sustained and balanced growth of the newly emerging Metropolitan Area in coordination with the Local Administration and allied departments of State Government.

    The Panchkula Metropolitan Development Authority (PMDA) has been established by the Haryana Act No. 23 of 2021 vide notification dated 09.09.2021, to develop a vision for continued, sustained and balanced growth of the Panchkula Metropolitan Area, spread across 388.06, and includes Panchkula, Pinjore, Kalka and Barwala as main towns. The Panchkula Metropolitan area includes 143 villages with population of 5.61 lakh according to 2021 census which is projected to be 7.20 lakh by 2031.

    The PMDA will provide for integrated and coordinated planning, infrastructure development, provision of urban amenities, social, economic and industrial development of the area, better traffic management, transport infrastructure, and sustainable management of urban environment. It will help in the generation of employment opportunities, which will lead to a better standard of living for the people in the area. The PMDA will work in coordination with other authorities such as the Haryana Shehri Vikas Pradhikaran, Haryana State Industrial And Infrastructure Development Corporation, and Municipal Corporation Panchkula etc.